Battle Royale Hacks

Battle Royale Hacks

Battle Royale has been a popular
game for many years now. It was revolutionized to different types of games as
time goes by. Nowadays, one of the most well-known online team-based game is
Fortnite’s Battle Royale. It is a new hybrid game made by Epic. Since it’s one
of the most popular and still recent games online, there are still bugs and
glitches that players can exploit.

From when to hide, use map, ways
to move and other methods that can be exploited are still working glitches that
Epic is still resolving up to now. You just have to know what the battle royale
hacks are and you’re good to maximize the games’ potential.

Here are some of the battle
royale cheats you can use in playing Fortnite.

Infinite and No Glider Bugs

You can exploit these two
glitches in Fortnite. The infinite glider bug can be done through spamming the
space on your desktop computer. If you’re using Xbox One, you spam the letter A
on your controller, and for PlayStation 4, click on the letter X continuously.
If you don’t spam these buttons, your glider will just be automatically
released once you jump from a plane, but since you will be spamming the control
buttons, the bug will be activated. This battle royale cheat will let you glide
above the map as long as you want.

On the other hand, the no glider
bug works when you can evade the auto-parachute initiation once you land close
to the coastline. You can do this by jumping right off at the coastline and
directing your freefall above the water an edge away from the land. The auto-parachute
won’t work and you can manually release the glider above the land and start
looting everything you need.


There are two ways to become
invisible in Fortnite’s Battle Royale by only using some glitches in the game.
The first one is hiding under the bridge. You just need to go up the lush
stairs under the bridge, then walk to the top by the wall and jump inside the
opening there. Once you are inside the wall breach, other players won’t sense
you. You can now shoot them as if you’re an invisible an indestructible battle
royale player.

The other battle royale hack is
by manipulating the underground bug. This is the same with hiding under the
bridge. With the underground bug, you have to get inside a small hut that sets
under a big tree. Get inside it and smash the floor. Once the floor is wrecked,
the walls of the hut will stretch down into the ground. You have to break the
lower parts of the walls of the hut, and then you’ll be able to see the breach
that can help you move underground. With this, you can stay invisible and shoot
other players without being noticed.


The Fortnite’s battle royale game
is still new and has some bugs that can be abused. Knowing these bugs can help
you create a battle royale cheat. Just make sure to use them carefully to avoid
being banned in the game